Lipstick Gun Ladies Black Shoes


  • 100% vegan shoes.
  • Shoe features a canvas upper and grippy outsole.
  • Rare discontinued stock.
  • Stocked in Australia.

Black shoes with a wicked lipstick gun across the top. Canvas upper, grippy outsole.

These gorgeous shoes are 100% Vegan, so you can wear them with pride knowing no animals suffered for your fashion.

Draven is a Southern California company on a mission; a mission to turn the shoe industry upside-down. Inspired by music, art, tattoo, and skateboarding, Draven is a cutting edge brand that supports the lifestyle of artists, musicians, and extreme athletes.

Although Draven is a relatively young brand, the company has been producing quality footwear for more than 30 years, and in many ways Draven designs and innovations have revolutionized the industry.

In a crowded shoe market, Draven continues to stand out as an innovator by challenging the status quo, and constantly pushing the limits of design and creativity.

Every detail in the Draven line has been carefully constructed to meet the needs of its biggest fans; the bands, athletes, and consumers who wear Draven products every day, and who embody the Draven lifestyle.

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